Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Great New Project - This is Geography!

Canadian Geographic Education and the Canadian Association of Geographers have joined forces to launch This is Geography," a national campaign to raise the profile of the discipline in Canada. Check out the information below, reproduced here with the permission of CG Education.

Upload your pictures with a description, then give us a head's up in the comments section so we can go and take a look.

Canadian Geographic Education
As geographers, teachers, and general education enthusiasts we are asking for your help in a national campaign to raise the profile of Geography in Canada. This is Geography is a joint project of CG Education and the Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG) aimed and increasing Canadians’ perception of geography as a subject area and integral aspect of our daily lives.

The program consists of two main strands:
Google Plus Hangouts and a photographic collection.

We are asking all Canadians to upload photos that answer the phrase “This is Geography” on
the website and on Twitter and Instagram using the hash tag #thisisgeography. We want you to also include a brief description of why your photo shows geography. We know that there are endless possibilities of photos that you can upload so get creative! We’ve started the collection but need your help!

Over the next few months we have planned to host our first few
Google+ Hangouts. Each hangout will focus on one aspect of geography and have four expert panelists speaking about the issue at hand. The first hangout is scheduled for May 15th at 4:00 p.m. ET and will take a look at some cool “Geo Jobs.” Once completed the hangouts will be uploaded to Canadian Geographic’s YouTube channel, so even if you can’t watch at 4:00, check it out afterwards.

Together we can let Canadians know just how inclusive of a subject area Geography is so get out there and start spreading the word!

Your CG Education executives
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© 2013 Canadian Geographic Education (reproduced here with permission)

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