Monday, February 13, 2017

Well, This Might Be The Most Artistic Climate Change Ad You've Ever Seen

By Louise Jack
Feb 7, 2017

Charles Dance leads British stars of stage and screen in a poetic "Love Song" ode to Earth for climate charities.

Charles Dance

WHAT: "A Love Song", a poetic tribute to Earth from a group of U.K. charities and organizations committed to tackling climate change.

WHO: The Climate Coalition, Ridley Scott Associates

WHY WE CARE: When Charles Dance’s says, darkly, "I’ve heard talk of a quiet violence waiting at the water’s edge," one sits up and pays attention. But, although this film begins with loss and foreboding, it unfolds into a lyrical message of hope. Dance is joined by fellow actors Miranda Richardson, Jason Isaacs and David Gyasi. Each recites a section of a script written by British poet Anthony Anaxagorou after which the background soundtrack swells into a majestic choral version of Elbow’s Magnificent (She Says).

David Gyasi

The Climate Coalition is an alliance of more than 100 U.K. charities and other organizations, including WWF U.K.,, Friends of the Earth, and Greenpeace U.K., all with an interest in combatting climate change. In a statement, the film’s director, Stuart Rideout, alludes to the current disturbing political attitudes to climate change, "We are entering difficult times in terms of how the world views and reacts to climate change. Engagement with the subject is more important now than ever, " he says. How right he is.

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